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A Human Trait

Creativity has always been a distinctly human trait. Whether in art, literature, music, film, even comedy, the creative muse resides in us and us alone; no one, and nothing, can alter that immutable fact.

That is, until now. As we sit atop the throne of creativity, a formidable challenger has arisen: Artificial Intelligence. Using the almost limitless power of AI, the most imaginative among us are forging new frontiers in their respective areas and reaching previously unattainable creative heights. Even those who don’t believe they are creative have discovered that the path to artistic expression is only a few mouse clicks away.

The use of AI in so-called “creative professions” has raised more questions than it has answered. Does the creative output of an AI application come from us or the computer? Is AI’s groundbreaking knowledge, which has sparked legal and ethical controversy, complementing creativity or taking control of it? Can we effectively address these controversies, or will they linger with no viable solution in the foreseeable future?

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AI Decoded:

Creativity or Chaos?

AI Decoded: Creativity or Chaos? shines a light on AI and how it has affected – and continues to affect – our creative expression. Featuring interviews with artists, writers, technologists, academicians, and AI pioneers – both for and against the AI tidal wave – AI Decoded will separate fact from fiction in AI creativity and allow you to judge whether there is a new heir to the creative throne.

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AI Decoded features some of the brightest minds in the field, with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Explore excellent AI articles to further your understanding of the relationship between AI and creativity. Furthermore, answers to FAQ’s will give you a “behind the scenes” look at how AI Decoded was conceived and created.

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