Documentary Storyline:

A documentary about AI and creativity and its impact on business, industry, society, and the public.

The documentary consists of authentic narratives where deep, open-minded research is obtained through multiple perspectives. This is complimented by emergent insights from various professionals who are involved with or are affected by AI’s shaping of the world.   

Team Members

1 – Rod Thomas

Executive Producer

2 – James Gregson

Producer, Director & Lead Editor

3 – David Elfanbaum

Producer, Creative Director & AI Images and Animation

4 – Christopher Hudgens

Line Producer

5 – Arthur Sesnovich

Screenwriter & Interviewer

6 – Dave Costello

Director of Marketing, PR & Communications

7 – Dave Rutherford

Director of Photography

8 – Rick Vaughn

Production Manager, Gaffer & Video Editor

9 – Alex Evens

Animator & Motion Designer

10 – Tarek Baig

Production Assistant & Researcher

11 – Larry Kornfeld

Music Composer

12 – Gene Manis


13 – J. A. Ted Baer, Esq.

Entertainment Attorney

AI Decoded Fact Sheet

Company Offices: St. Louis (Headquarters); Denver (Production Office)

Shooting Locations: United States: New York, Boston, Cambridge, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle.

Documentary Language: English

Genres: Business, Technology, Society, Industry

Runtime: Episode 1 – 33 minutes in length.                                                                  Potential to scale for additional episodes, future installments and seasons.

Official Sites:

Release Date: Spring 2024