Brett Schklar

AI & GTM Transformation Architect

Keynote Speaker

Brett Schklar is a proven brand builder and storyteller who’s helping business leaders and owners scale through the power of AI to transform their business. He is a transformation-focused CMO with over 20 years of experience in SaaS marketing, especially in the healthcare and cybersecurity industries. He leverages AI to rebuild go-to-market motions for mid-market tech companies and couples that with a successful track record of building messaging platforms, systems that scale for marketing programs, and communities for clients, fans, and interested parties.

Brett is the managing partner of Grow Powerful, a collective of fractional CMOs that deliver innovative and effective growth strategies and operations to the most impressive SaaS companies in the world. He is also the host of The GROW Method podcast, a co-founder and advisor of Icademy, and a frequent keynote and Vistage speaker.

Brett is a recipient of multiple awards and honors, including the BMA B2B Best Practices. He loves to serve companies on a fractional basis, giving them what they need without committing to more than they’re comfortable with. He also loves to work with and build a community for other fractional and interim CMOs who share his vision and values.

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